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You and Me.jpg

"You & Me" neon sign

$100 for 3 days

White, Yellow, Light Blue

60cm width x 44cm height

It was Always you.jpg

"It Was Always You" neon sign

$100 for 3 days

White, Dark Pink

80cm width x 48.8cm height

Let's Celebrate.jpg

"Let's Celebrate" neon sign

$100 for 3 days


80cm width x 20cm height

$100 for 3days


"Love" neon sign

$100 for 3 days

Light pink

60cm width x 60cm height

$100 for 3days


"Bar" neon sign

$50 for 3 days

Dark pink

40cm width x 20cm height

xi neon sign.PNG

"xi" neon sign

$100 for 3 days


73.8cm width x 87.3cm height

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