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About Neon Life

Inspired by the instagrammable cafes in Los Angeles, Elaine Law founded Neon Life in June 2018 with the hope of bringing the magical neon spark to Singapore. Within 2 months of the launch, Neon Life had garnered a strong client base, working with clients from all walks of life, from major hotel chains to F&B outlets, weddings and fitness centres.

Neon Life specializes in customized LED neon signs. We love seeing our clients' neon designs come to life! Neon Life has a team of designers and skilled LED neon masters who are readily available to advise and create your perfect neon sign.

In 2019, Neon Life will be working towards creating Singapore's first ever DIY neon sign workshop to bring the joy of neon and good vibes to everyone. Stay tuned and live the Neon Life with us! ;)

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