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about neon sign

About our neon signs:

What are our neon signs made of?

Our neon signs are made of LED neon flex. They're energy saving and lower in cost compared to glass neons. For more detailed information, do read our blog post here.

Are your signs safe for outdoor use?

We are able to make the signs weatherproof. Do let us know if you intend to use the neon signs outdoors. Please note that weatherproofing the signs might mean more glue stains as we will need to use waterproof glue to protect all the electrical connections.

How are the neon lights powered? 

All our neon lights are powered with standard Singapore 3 pin plug. Alternatively, You can get an electrician to wire it to your ceiling lights instead or request for the lights to be battery operated.

Are your signs safe for home use?

Yes! Our LED neon signs are safe to touch so if you have children don't worry, it's a very low voltage.

Do we need to hire specialists to install the sign?

No, not necessarily. We back all our lights with clear acrylic which have some holes in them, so if you wish to mount it on the wall, it would be similar to hanging up a picture frame - yes, it's that simple! However, for more complicated installation types, you can consider hiring a handyman/electrician . 



Does your price include installation?

No, our prices are inclusive of Fabrication and Delivery only. As our lights are so easily installed most customers prefer to install by themselves! Let us know your intended installation type and we can explain how to install the lights. If you need, we can recommend an electrician who works with many of our clients.

orders & delivery

Orders & Delivery:

How do I order a custom sign?

Please fill up the quotation form here for faster replies or email us as

How long is the lead time?

We are proud to have one of the fastest lead time in Singapore -  usually 10 days from payment. If you need to expedite your order, do let us know.

Customer info

Customer info:

Who are your clients?

Neon lights are great for everything from cafes, homes, weddings, offices…. You name it! We have worked with clients from all walks of life. Check out our gallery here to view our past works.

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